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What is Aromatherapy ?

Numerous ancient civilizations have left traces of plant extraction and distillation (Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, etc.), but it was not until the nineteenth century that the first main active constituents were isolated, classified and added to the pharmacopoeia.

Aromatherapy is about manipulating and using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. The word "aroma" represents the diffusion of aromatic essences, pleasant fragrances improving well-being. "Therapy" gives a different meaning to essential oils, linking each plant’s active ingredients with their known properties.

Aromatherapy is a real natural alternative medicine to treat daily life ills ; it is a link between aromatic essences and their therapeutic applications. Benefits historically known are due to a meticulous methodology based on scientific data. Medicinal plants in aromatherapy are thus a way to help to treat some well known pathologies (coughing, headaches, digestive disorders, weariness, etc.).

Beyond its therapeutic benefits, aromatherapy perfumes your home with your personal touch. Our diffusers will help you to create and/or maintain a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in your personal space, at work or in your car.

De Saint-Hilaire’s organic essential oils

De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery, located in the heart of the Auvergne, at 700m of altitude, has been distilling for over 20 years essential oils extracted from organic plants cultivated by local farmers or wild plants harvested in our region.

Obtained by low-temperature distillation using the aromatic plants’ vapour or cold pressing the citrus fruits’ zests (essences), De Saint-Hilaire’s essential oils are 100% pure and natural. All the essential oils are produced following the Agriculture Biologique (the French Organic Farming certification organization) regulations.

Essential oils can be used externally (massages, inhalation, bath) and internally (with medical advice).

Our essential oils are not only organic, but also 100% pure and natural. We offer around 100 organic essential oils which will help you to relieve daily life ills.

Caution, essential oils are concentrated and must therefore be used with precaution.

De Saint-Hilaire’s organic hydrosols

De Saint-Hilaire’s hydrosols are obtained by distilling organically grown plants. These hydrosols are components of the distillation process ; more precisely, they are the waters transformed in steam. Once charged in essential oils through contact with the plants and cooled down to extract the oils, they are rich and active waters.

Therefore, hydrosols remain naturally charged in active ingredients and aromatic molecules, but are less concentrated than essential oils.

Hydrosols can be applied directly on the skin and are particularly recommended for children and sensitive persons. They can be used as tonics or make-up removers. They are suitable for every skin type and give a delightful feeling of freshness and well-being.

Organic pure vegetable oils and organic macerated oils

De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery, established in the Auvergne for over 20 years, offers a whole range of vegetable oils and macerated oils.

These oils are virgin oils, first cold-pressed. This means that the seeds or fruits have been pressed only once, without heating, by mechanical processes without any chemical treatment or refinery operation. These oils are then simply filtered. All these vegetable oils can be used pure for their properties that are beneficial to health and beauty.

They are also recommended as massage oils or cosmetic oils mixed with essential oils. You can also use most of these 100% organic vegetable oils for cooking (not including macerated oils).

In aromatherapy, vegetable oils joined with the benefits of a massage efficiently complete the essential oils’ action. Thanks to their specific properties, they can also be used in cosmetology. Indeed, they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and penetrate the epidermis easily. They protect it by repairing the lipid film and give the skin delicacy, radiance and flexibility.

Organic massage oils

De Saint-Hilaire’s massage oils mix organic essential oils with organic virgin vegetable oils or organic macerated oils. They are efficient to treat several disorders and make using essential oils much easier.

They also give a feeling of well-being.

It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Organic Roll On

Easy to slip in your bag, our Roll Ons are also very handy : the Roll On ball can be applied directly to the chosen body area. Made using vegetable oils and essential oils, De Saint-Hilaire’s Roll Ons will be useful to you in many ways !

Diffusers and Diffuser Blends + Gift Boxes

De Saint-Hilaire selected diffusers for you, designed especially for essential oils. Particularly elegant, they will help you to enjoy the benefits of our special blends.

Aerial diffusion is a simple and pleasant way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils while spreading enchanting scents in your home. We offer several blends especially designed for our diffusers. If you do not have a diffuser, you can also put a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief or a pillow !

Discover De Saint-Hilaire’s gift boxes available on this website and let an atmosphere of well-being charm you at home, in your car or at work.

Do not diffuse for more than 15mn per hour!.

Aromatherapy books

De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery offers a range of simple and educative books about Aromatherapy, to expand your knowledge or discover elementary notions linked with the use of essential oils.