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A commitment to Quality

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A commitment to Quality

For over 20 years, we have believed in offering our customers products with flawless quality. This is why we have always tried to control the entire "supply" chain, from the cultivation or gathering of the plants to the end products.

A sustainable and local partner

De Saint-Hilaire’s medicinal and aromatic plants are cultivated or gathered on dozens of hectares by inhabitants of the region made up of the Auver-Bio-Arôme union.

Transforming these plants (through distillation, maceration, encapsulation or drying) takes place in De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery, or in a pharmaceutical laboratory for bulk plants, teabags and dietary supplements.

Finally, next to the distillery, our retail store makes it possible for local or visiting customers to shop easily.

Of course, by promoting the development of local production, we participate in our region’s economy and dynamism, and we also improve our ecological footprint since we generate less pollution due to the proximity of the distillery.

Products of organic quality

The decision to offer almost exclusively organic products is one of our company’s resolutions, not only because we believe in respecting the environment, but also because our products are often in direct contact with the body and must not be noxious to the organism.

Thanks to our network of farmers and gatherers, our supply of plants is constant in its quality and corresponds to our selection criteria. Thanks to these farmers and gatherer’s experience and know-how, we can meet our consumers’ demands and constantly improve our capacity for innovation.

Our products are all guaranteed to be without paraben, without phenoxyethanol, without colorants and synthetic fragrances, without animal raw materials, without oil from petro chemistry, and without GMOs. They are in no case ever tested on animals.

Products renowned for their efficiency

For years, the most famous pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories have trusted De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery’s products.

De Saint-Hilaire’s range of essential oils, hydrosols, and vegetable oils is 100% pure and natural, since no products are added. All the products are strictly controlled following very precise criteria that guarantee a high level of quality to our customers, private individuals or businesses.

When we create our products, we take care to preserve the greatest amount of the active ingredients contained in the plants we use, to guarantee the maximal efficiency of our products.

Therefore, while the Ecocert label requires only 10% of organic ingredients (, we have chosen for our new range of cosmetics to use at least 58% of organic ingredients (for our Intimate Cleansing Lotion), and up to 95% of organic ingredients (for our Micellar Lotion). Our region’s plants are rich in active ingredients (for instance, St. John’s Wort, Cornflower, or Witch Hazel), and we intend to let people know!