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De Saint-Hilaire

Over 20 years ago, De Saint-Hilaire chose to establish its distillery in the Livradois-Forez Natural Park, in the heart of the Auvergne, a nature preservation area with great floral diversity. By doing so, De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery promotes local development, entrusting local farmers with the cultivation and harvest of medicinal and aromatic plants. Of course, this supply process is carried out with respect for the environment and resource management. Choosing to offer almost exclusively organic products is a firm resolution of the company. For the consumer, it is also a guarantee that they enjoy healthy and natural products of high quality.

Our main supplier, Nature :

Wild or cultivated in our region in accordance with the Agriculture Biologique regulations (the French Organic Farming certification organization), our medicinal and aromatic plants are dried, distilled, or macerated in De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery.

More than a 100 different plants are brought to the distillery every season, from Lavender to Peppermint, grown by our farmers, from St. John’s Wort to Meadowsweet, harvested in the Regional Natural Park. Softwood branches are found in our deep forests while fragile buds are carefully and sparingly harvested from our trees and shrubs.

Our craft, transforming plants :

Then comes the time for transforming the plants : to produce essential oils, hydrosols, dietary supplements, and to package plants in bulk or in teabags.

De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery has developed a unique azeotropic distillation process with a temperature of 88°C that makes it possible to extract all the plants’ molecules, and guarantees the essential oils’ high quality, as well as their exceptional energy. With this distillation process, not only do we produce essential oils, we also make organic hydrosols (or flower waters), such as the precious rose water; refreshing and fragrant.

De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery transforms some plants into natural and organic ingredients for laboratories and for the manufacture of its own care products : dried organic plants, Arnica or Marigold macerated oils, and other macerates (buds macerated in a mixture of alcohol and glycerine, used in Gemmotherapy).

Finally, De Saint-Hilaire works with renowned pharmaceutical laboratories to treat and package the plants (always cultivated locally or organically) in bulk, teabags and capsules.

Our product offer, natural and organic

Based on its experience and know-how, De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery has created a range of hygiene and care products that complete its organic essential oils, as well as a range of dietary supplements and bulk medicinal plants.

The Muscle/Joint pain relieving Balm for instance, or the new cosmetic range rich in organic ingredients, "naturally"complete De Saint-Hilaire’s product range. More recently, Blackcurrant or Olive Tree (in capsules or teabags) have been added to our wish to offer an ever-expanding range of products.