Secured payment

A quick and easy payment system
Online payment with our secured system is as easy as paying with a credit/debit card in your daily life.
To pay for your purchases, you need to:
   - be connected to the internet
   - use a web browser
   - have a credit/debit card in your name (VISA, DEBIT CARD, MASTERCARD …)
In a few seconds you know immediately if your payment has been approved and you can continue your web browsing.
Using our online payment system does not add any extra costs. For your safety, all data is encrypted during the transactions.

Is the online payment safe?
When buying products on our website, all payment data exchanges take place between you and our bank Crédit Agricole. During the payment phase, you are temporarily redirected to the bank website. It is the guarantee that your card details are safe.

What information is required to use the secured online payment?
Once redirected to the Crédit Agricole bank’s ?webpage, you will need to provide:
   - your 16-digit card number Note: your pin number will never be requested
   - the expiry date
   - the last 3 digits of the number on the back of your card

What is Crédit Agricole’s encrypting system?
The Crédit Agricole
 bank uses a standard encrypting system called « SSL protocol ».
It is visible when you are on the payment page, indicated by:
    - a pictogram at the bottom of your web browser: one of the following should be visible  Paiement sécurisé ;
    - in the ‘address bar’, the browser should display " https://" instead of "http://" ;
    - when you go from the open to the encrypted mode (and vice versa), modern browsers inform you via a pop-up window.

Always check these elements prior to keying in your confidential data, it is a safety precaution. In order to be protected by the most reliable protocol, we recommend the use of the web browsers Firefox, Netscape communicator version 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 and up.