Our Loyalty programme

To thank you for your custom, we have launched the Loyalty Programme.
It’s very simple: every time you shop at De Saint Hilaire you earn points that you can use as discount vouchers for your future purchases.

How does the Loyalty programme work?
Once an order has been placed, the total amount* of the order counts towards loyalty points. These points will be credited to your account as soon as the payment of your order has been received.
*excluding delivery costs

Points and Values
For every euro spent on De Saint Hilaire products, you will earn 1 Bonus Point. For example:
Price of product purchased: 100 Euro
Points Earned: 100 Points

How to use your bonus points :
1 - Log onto your account.
2 - Go to ‘my bonus points’.
3 - Click on ‘Convert my points into a gift voucher of € XX under the table.
4 - Write down the appropriate FID code listed in the table.
5 - Copy that code into “the 1st step” of your order where you see ‘gift voucher’
6 - The amount will then be deducted from your order.
NB: Your bonus points can only be used once. Their use does not generate more points.

Minimum points required
A minimum of 50 points are needed before one can use them.

Minimum amount of order
A minimum order of € 35 is required to be able to use your points.

Maximum amount of order
A maximum of 1,000 points can be used per order.

Delivery bonus points?
Delivery costs are not included in the calculation of bonus points.

Taxes on bonus points
Tax (VAT) is included in the bonus point calculation.

Points on sale items
Products which are on sale or reduced are excluded from the loyalty programme.

Bonus points for orders paid using bonus points
Please note that orders paid using bonus points do not generate additional bonus points.

Earn extra bonus point by recommending us
When a buyer mentions your email address when paying for his first order, your Bonus Point account will be credited with 100 Bonus points.

Restrictions on some products
Sale products and products which have been reduced cannot be purchased using Bonus Points

Conditions of use
- Bonus points are only valid for customers with a registered account on the De Saint Hilaire website.
- Bonus points can only be used for online purchases on the De Saint Hilaire website.
- Bonus Points cannot be sold or exchanged between De St Hilaire account holders.
- Bonus points cannot be exchanged for cash.
- Bonus points shall not be refunded if an order paid for using these bonus points is cancelled.
- When using your Bonus Points to pay for an order, you must select an additional payment system (card?)if the total amount to be paid is not fully covered by your points.
- Shipping fees are excluded from the calculation of your bonus points

In case of problems
For all additional questions regarding this Loyalty Program, contact-us