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Furanocoumarin free GRAPEFRUIT

Citrus paradisii

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Diuretic and draining properties, non-photosensitizing

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The Furocoumarine free Grapefruit essential oil has diuretic and draining properties. It helps to firm the skin, to fight against the problems of water retention and cellulite.

Without photosensitizing compounds, it can be used safely in your cosmetic preparations.

This essential oil is also used against hair loss. It tones the scalp. It is also recognized as an effective air antiseptic: atmospheric diffusion contributes to a good disinfection of your rooms. Finally, grapefruit without furocoumarin is beneficial for the digestive system in excess.

- Skin application : apply 3 to 4 drops topically on the chosen area.

- Diffusion : 5 to 10 drops in a diffuser, following the recommended diffusion’s duration (often 1 hour).


It is preferable to apply this essential oil on the skin to enjoy the best of its active ingredients.


Do not exceed the recommended doses (ask your physician or a pharmacist specializing in aromatherapy).

The information and advice given can in no case be a diagnosis, which necessarily requires an examination with your physician.

Essential oils must not replace medical treatment and a balanced diet.

Do not use more than 3 essential oils at the same time.


> Specific precautions:

General guidelines for using essential oils :

Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Ask medical advice for children under 6 years old.

In case of epilepsy and allergies to aromatic molecules, avoid using essential oils.

Do not use continuously in diffusion.

Avoid contact with eyes, ears or nose (except application mentioned in the conditions of use)

Avoid pure essential oil contact with skin (except application mentioned in the conditions of use)

Wash hands thoroughly, preferably with soap, after each use in massage.

Citrus paradisii oil

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